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Reality? Television

I found myself surfing through all the digital cable channels that I obviously don’t need but continue to pay for.  I still do not understand why.  Anyways, I came across a ‘reality’ show that takes place in and around a tanning saloon.  I will not argue that, yes, some of the girls on this show are attractive.   However, the plot or story line is not.  This type of show is labeled as Reality TV.  But I ask you this;  whose reality is this?  I know for a fact it is not mine.  If you take a look at all the reality shows on TV these days, how many people can actually relate to this stuff.  The Hills, Real World,  or Keeping up with……the family of the girl that released the sex tape.  Those are just a couple that are getting air play and attracting millions of viewers each week.

Are they called reality TV because their viewers are trying to escape their own reality?  I can definitely not relate to a couple girls working for a fashion magazine and making 50 thousand an episode.  But I can, however, relate to their constant bickering and petty fighting.  I did, surprise surprise, go to high school.  The only problem with this they are not in high school anymore.   This show is supposed to portray these girls in the ‘real world.’  But how real can staged encounters and cut up dialogue really be called real?
The Real World is another prime example of this.  You will never find six different people to live in one place together.   The only way is by advertising on MTV for a chance to be on TV, fight with complete strangers, and let out the most embarrassing aspects of your personalities,  which should have been left in your closet along with your Redskin pajamas and Build-a-Bear Buddy.
Now get me wrong, I completely commend MTV for coming up with this ideas.  They are totally feeding on societies unforgiving need of that 15 seconds in the spot light.  I don’t blame them for this.  Exploit it as long as you wish.  Just do not call it Reality TV.  True Life has more credibility to be called Reality TV.
Oh and bring back the music videos.  And when you do, please oh please do not let Pete Wentz have anything to do with it.  Stick to playing bass and singing back up.
KC Out

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