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Mixed Emotions

I sit here in the middle of a tough Sunday night loss to the Bears and Game One of the NLDS series against the Brew Crew torn between a mixture of dismay and excitement.  The game Sunday night left a nasty taste in my mouth when the Eagles ran the ball three consecutive times from inside the 5 yard line with a back up RB only to be stuffed each time.  Didn’t Andy Reid learn anything for Week 2 and the Jets.  When you have an accurate and consistent quarterback, not to mention one that run well, why not try a play action roll out to a TE or just take it in?  OK, that was 2 days ago, I think I am finally over it.

Tomorrow night will be the next big attempt for the Phillies to win a postseason game since Game 5 of the ’93 World Series.  Because we all know, well most of us, what happened the next game.  Joe Carter, Mitch Williams, need I say more.  And I am sure we all remember last year’s improbable sweep handed down by the Rockies.  Well, this season we are the Rockies.  In a sense finishing off the season on a high note and winning the division on the second to last day as opposed to last year waiting until the last minute.  Thanks guys, I am not sure my Uncle Mortey’s heart medicine would have done any good after another one.
So Game 1 tomorrow afternoon.  Hamels on the mound.  Should be exciting!!
KC Out

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The Magic Number

I think the song goes….

“One, is the loneliest number…”
But today one is the magic number for my Phightin Phillies.  Once again they hold their own destiny in their hands.  And the best part about it is, Fox wants the whole nation to see it on national television.  That’s right, the game is moved up from its original start time of 7:05.  The Phillies v The Nats will be on Fox at 3:55 Eastern time.
And with the Mets losing last night all the Phillies have to do is win today.  A win today means they can rest Cole “Minor” Hamels tomorrow and have him ready for game one of the NLDS.  I know this pitching staff has not been the strongest, but I do have faith that they can get 3 wins out of that series.  This is the year.  Philly sports are back!!!
With the win last night, the Phillies have 90 wins, something they haven’t done since 1993.  And coincidentally that is the same year they went to the World Series.  Lucky for them, there is no more Joe Carter and Brad Lidge is nothing like Wild Thing Mitch Williams.  Actually, Lidge may be the complete opposite of Williams.  Bullpens win ball games!
KC Out

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