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There is only one October, I think…

I was watching Good Will Hunting on TNT for probably the hundredth time this morning when  a commercial for the MLB playoffs came on.  The comedian Frank from FrankTV was the main actor and he was doing an impression of George W. Bush.  At the end of the set he said ‘There is only one October, I think there is one October.’  MLB and Fox have used this ‘There is only one October’ line to signify the importance of the playoffs and how hard a team has to work to get there.

But what does W or his stupidy have do with any of it.  Or Frank for that matter.  Look , I have to read enough about what Bush does wrong in the papers.  And you know the E! channel covers all of his verbal miscues.  So just leave ole Georgie and politics out of baseball and out of sports.  Oh and another thing, can someone please call Mr. Fox or Mrs. CBS and ask them to stop showing Jessica Simpson during football highlights.  Unless she is wearing a bikini and getting tackled by Donovan McNabb’s mom while serving Chunky Soup I don’t want to see it.  She is not to blame for Tony Romo’s bad playing.  That’s because he is a mediocre football player from some school in Illinois and the only reason he throws for more than 200 hundred yards a game is because of T.O.
Ok, sorry.  I got a little carried away there.  Just leave sports the way it is.  We need to bring back those fat and happy Eagles and Bears fans chugging beers and stuffing hot dogs and cheese steaks down their throats sitting in ten below.  That’s football.  
Go Birds
KC Out

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