Possible Opening Day roster for Nationals

If the season started this week, this is what the Nationals Opening Day line up could look like.  You can’t be comfortable going into Spring Training with Alberto Gonzalez and Danny Espinosa has your only two options for second base.  GM Mike Rizzo has added Chris Marrero to the roster this off season.  He spent last year at Double A Harrisburg.  For the Senators he hit .294, 18 home runs and 82 RBIs in 141 games.  I would not be surprised to see him starting first base for the Nats this season.  Even further I would not be surprised if he started Opening Day at first.  Mark it.

As for second base, Rizzo has to try and find a veteran to come in or will have to ride it out with Gonzalez and Espinosa.  Now the reason I am calling out Marrero for first base and not someone like Mike Morse is because Rizzo has already said Morse is not being considered for the starting first baseman role.

Nyger Morgan 8

Ian Desmond  6

Ryan Zimmerman 5

Jayson Werth 9

Josh Willingham 7

Ivan Rodriguez 2

Chris Marrero 3

Alberto Gonzalez 4

I am not even going to touch on starting pitching right now.  The rotation could see a major overhaul here in the next couple weeks.  Rizzo did say the signing of Jayson started Phase 2 of the Nationals plan.  Apparently Phase 1 was building a system and drafting the right guys.  Phase 2 is all about winning games and eventually championships.

Oh, I know a lot of you guys don’t like the idea of Morgan in center field. But at this point Rizzo says they are going into Spring Training with Morgan as the starter.

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