A Battle of, and for, the Ages

The Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees get set to start a three game series of inter-league play at Yankee Stadium starting tomorrow night.  Now I know one story line will be how the Phillies have slowly dropped out of first place and sit firmly in third behind the new look Braves and always dangerous Mets.  The other will probably read as a never-say-die kind of team in the Yankees as they find themselves tied atop the American League East with the Tampa Bay (no Devil here) Rays.

There is another story here.  The one I see is the third and final game of this series.  This game will feature two of the four active pitchers to have at least 11 wins in 10 or more seasons.  The other two being Tim Hudson of the Braves and Tim Wakefield from Boston.

Veteran lefties Jamie Moyer and Andy Pettitte are tops on that list with 15 and 14, respectively, 11-win seasons.  Moyer has won at least 15 games five times while Pettitte has eight seasons of 15 or more wins.  These two pitchers have 40 years of Major League experience between them.  Thats 501 wins and only 337 losses.  Combined Pettitte and Moyer have pitched in 1,159 games for nine different teams.  Over 1,000 games started and 68 in relief.

The numbers here are astounding.  These two have seen over 7,000 hits, 759 home runs, 58 complete games, over 2,500 K’s and 2,075 BB’s.

This season has taken these pitchers on opposite paths.  While Pettitte is still acting like the ace of the rotation going 8-1, 2.46 ERA, Moyer has struggled at times going 6-6, 5.03 ERA.  The Yankees are 17 games over .500 and tied for first place.  The Phillies who have spent most the last two seasons in first place are only three games over and sitting in third.

I am not offering up any predictions for this game or the series for that matter.  I will, however give Andy Pettitte the edge.  Between the two veterans and 40 years of MLB service he has one HR.  And that is one more than Jamie Moyer.  Of course playing in an AL ballpark, this stat will not matter.

I will predict a huge aroma of Icy Hot and Baby Powder.

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