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Oh the Memories

Ah Memorial Day.  Maybe one of the most wrongly celebrated days in modern American history.  This is a day to honor those who fight every day to make sure we can have our cookouts and beer binges on this last day of May.  It is for those men and women who have given our lives so we can have this extra day off and to shorten our work week.  So Thank You to all military personnel who day in and day out fight for us!

Now, for me, on this Memorial Day I will be remembering something else along with the brave souls in uniforms.  I remember a day when crooked numbers were plentiful and joyous fans by the handful would pour out of Citizens Bank Park onto Broad Street.  I remember the Philadelphia Phillies as one of the most offensively scary teams in all of baseball.

This is something the town of Philadelphia has not seen in awhile.  The Phillies have lost six of their last eight and have only scored seven runs in those eight games.  They have been shut out of five times including three in a row to division rivals the New York Mets.  Now the good news is they Phillies had a big enough lead to where there are still sitting (barely) on top of the division by half a game.

That half game lead over the Braves makes this series, which starts today, very important.  The Phillies have grown accustomed to sitting on top of the division this year and most of last season.  But unless the bats wake up they might be looking up to their rivals instead of down.

The Phillies are hitting .186 since May 22 and have not hit a home run in 54 innings.  They have not scored a run in 69 of the last 74 innings.  The normally dangerous 3-4-5 hitters of the Phils Chase Utley, Ryan Howard and Jayson Werth are a combined 11 for their last 84.  Werth went 0-4 last night with four strikeouts.  And for you beard fanatics counting at home thats 0-17 since he shaved the beard.  Bring it back Jayson, bring it back.

The Phillies are playing the Braves for three games, then after a four game set with San Diego they will welcome back Florida for three games.  If the bats don’t get to work, the Phillies could be bottom of the barrel after those 10 games.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this.

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