I think I am finally there.

Do you remember those days, or nights I should say, when you were hanging out with your friends going out all the time and said you never wanted it to end?  And most of the time you meant it.  You wanted to be able to go out every night, and didn’t care how bad you felt in the morning.  You were going to be forever young.  You never wanted to be that kid sitting home on a Saturday night doing nothing.  Well guess what?  I think I am finally there.  And I couldn’t be any happier.  Since the time I graduated college, 4 years, I have read more books and written more articles than I have done my whole life.  Don’t forget I took 4 years of Journalism in both high school and college.  I should have been a writing machine.  But I wasn’t.  I did graduate, luckily, and went to NYC for an incredible internship.  But even then I was still not fully committed to my craft.   I am now.  I spend more nights reading, writing, and researching rather than going out and staying out late.  And I am happy with that.  Have I sold out?  I don’t think so, I just think it suites me better this way.


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  1. Lyz

    Good! That better mean you’ll be putting your wonderful insights and ideas into BOOK form soon!

    And no, the last thing you did was sell out! Good for you!

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