‘Saints’ goodbye to NFL season

The Saints have won the big one.  Finally.  For the first time in their franchise history, h the Saints have won the Super Bowl.  Could not be happier for them.  It was a great game with good plays and even better commercials.  Maybe if someone would slap me every time I reached for a Dorito I wouldn’t be so chubby.  Sorry, not important.

The important thing here is that football season is over.  Now don’t get me wrong, I like watching football.  I love watching the Eagles start fast, then slow down and then steamroll their way into the playoffs only to prematurely evacuate year after year.  So, with the end of football season, it could only mean one other thing.  We are that much closer to the beginning of baseball season.  We still have to make our way through the rest of the NHL season, which is only 23 or so more games long.  Then through the playoffs where they will alternate on crowning Alex the Great or little Cindy Crosby the greatest thing ever.  And I am sorry to do this to you but: Spoiler Alert-The Capitals win the Stanley Cup.

The NBA season is still going, but let’s face it that was over before it started.  Tracy McGrady is still being paid 50mil a year to sit the bench because he can’t play well with others, and Gilbert Arenas is bringing guns to the locker room to prove he owns guns. I think a glance at a permit would have sufficed all accusations for that one.  Then there is AI, Garnett’s knee and Shaqtus.  So like I said, the NBA never had a chance.

Ah finally, baseball.  And it seems so fitting.  Well, at least in my area of the country.  I know Philly just got dumped on again, yes again, with double digit snow accumulation; but here in sunny yet chilly Virginia Beach the snow is melting.  The fields are starting to clear off, I am getting regular calls from my brother to go play catch and I am slowly trying to decide which hat I will purchase for Opening Day in DC and the rest of the season.

Ah yes baseball is here.  And I could not be any more happier.


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