RIP old friend, Mac Hard Drive

The lady at the techinal help desk for Apple told me and I quote “It seems like your hard drive is dead.”  In my head, I knew this.  But when she put it that way, I got even more depressed.  Hopefully they can use thier toys over at the Apple store and at least retrieve some of my files.  I can always download more music, or take more pictures.  It may sound wierd, but I am really upset to lose it because everything was so organized on there.  All my website bookmarks were in order.  All my file folders in Finder were easily accessible.  It seems silly to be concerned over little things like that.  But this is what I do.  I use my computer for everything.  For writing, for reading your writings.  So I want to be able to know exactly where to go to find what I need.  Oh well, I will get through this.  I dusted off my old Dell laptop, and after 30 mins of updating whatever it was updating it is up and running.  Man, it is a brick house.  Life must go on.  Hopefully after this weekend, the ole Mac will back to normal.  Wish me, and him, luck!


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  1. Other than spelling errors… LoL… anyways, I think you need to purchase a new computer… think of it as an investment… get a Dell desktop… You’ll have the new Windows 7 and have a ball… I gave up on my computer a year ago after 5 years together… we were tight… but my laptop has it’s ups and downs but it was time for a new model… laptops are high maintenance tho… i know i’m going to need a new one again in a few years…

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