Twitter takes athletes, celebs back to the beginning

Wait, what is friendster?  Nevermind, not important.  Whether you remember or not, social networking as been around for a very, very long time.  And in the beginning it was dirty.  I’m not talking dirty like Britney Spears leaving the house without a bra on again dirty, I’m talking bathroom dirty.  Oh you know.  Think.  All the writing on the stall walls.  What was that?  That was social networking at its finest, and dirtiest.  Whether it was telling you to call Nina for a good time or merely confirming Mike was there, right there.  It had to start somewhere right.  It started in the stalls, then made its way behind the bar in the form of picture collages.

In one form or another, we have all used social networking.  And we still are.  It seems that social networking might be more important now than it ever has.  With the current status of our economy up in the air, people are losing their jobs and some are losing their minds.  As bad as it has gotten, some people are starting to be more proactive.  And in my opinion, Twitter is helping.

And to be honest, this time last year I had no idea what to do with Twitter.  I had an account.  Me and just about everyone else in the world.  But what do we do with it?  Started in 2006, Twitter was a tool to post text like messages from your profile page.  Where Facebook was asking ‘what’s on your mind?’, Twitter is asking ‘what’s happening?’  And people are answering.  A lot of people.   The accessibility of the Twitter network is incredible.  You send posts through a text or through the many different cell phone, blackberry and iphone applications that allow you update, reply and retweet for everyone you follow.

Twitter is really they first social networking service, (and I use the word service lightly.  ‘Service’ makes it sound like a membership, or money.  And as of right now, Twitter is free!), that allows its users to interact so freely.  Everyone is on Twitter.  Athletes, musicians, celebrities, politicians, even my third grade teacher is probably on there.  Reggie Bush tweets almost immediately after getting home from the game.  Hayley Williams of Paramore takes pictures on stage to post to twitpic after the show.  This is a great way for celebrities to interact with all their followers without having to search them for sharp objects.

Twitter is taking athletes and celebs back to the early days.  To when no one cared about them.  And it was all about self promotion.  They are doing all the leg work themselves.  Chad Johnson, I mean Ochocinco, is taking guys on shopping sprees and over 200 people to lunch.  So while mass media outlets are focusing on his so called negative antics, he is interacting with his fans and giving back in these tough times.  Twitter could be the new google when it comes to new trends, movies, or sports scores.  I feel more updated on Twitter than watching ESPN.

Twitter is good, its really good.  And its growing.


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