Kimbo faces tough test in Alexander

The world is ready for Kimbo.  Dana White is ready.  Is Houston Alexander?

Kimbo Slice is making his UFC debut (not counting TUF) tonight at the TUF season finale at the Pearl at the Palms Resort and Casino in the wonderful Las Vegas, NV.

Kimbo will be facing a very difficult opponent in Alexander.  Alexander is a wrestler with very good Muay Thai.  He has huge punching power and likes to end fights quickly.  7 of his victories have ended in the first round and 6 of those have been by either TO or TKO.  Alexander is coming off a win at the AMMA – Adrenaline card.  That win broke his streak of three consecutive losses with one being a knockout by James Irvin eight seconds into the fight.  Before those fights, Alexander had knocked out Keith Jardine in under a minute at UFC 71 and looked like he was on his way to be a contender at the 205lb weight class.  A win against Kimbo might not mean much to the MMA community but will definitely get him moving in the right direction.

Kimbo has been in the MMA spotlight for a couple minutes now.  The Internet Street fighting sensation made the jump to MMA a couple years ago.  He only has a handful of fights but has looked pretty good in them.  Throw out his victory against Ray Mercer (the washed up boxer) and a fluke loss by flamboyant haired Seth Petruzelli; Kimbo has had some solid fights thus far.  In his first pro fight against Bo Cantrull he wasted no time and rushed him to the cage and landed some big right hands until Cantrull fell to his knees and the referee called stoppage.  His second fight was against the legendary Pit Fighter, one of UFC early cornerstone fighters, Tank Abbott.  Same result.  Kimbo knocked him out in the first round.  Kimbo’s third fight was his longest one yet.  This fight against James Thompson went into the third round.  Kimbo defended himself well against the take down and when he was taken to the mat, he didn’t sustain any real damage.  His major flaw in the fight was he got gassed very easily.  He could have finished Thompson in the second round but got winded and Thompson took him down and started elbowing him until the round ended.

This gave Kimbo confidence coming out for the third.  Thompson had his third cousin attached to the side of his head in a very bad cauliflower ear.  That thing was flapping all night long begging to be popped and it only took one good right hook for it to explode.  After that, Kimbo smelled blood and jumped Thompson.  Thompson took 4 straight shots without defending himself and looking dazed so the referee stepped in and called stoppage.  A big victory for Kimbo.  Kimbo’s time on The Ultimate Fighter reality show did display some of his flaws.  He admittedly confessed to not know how to fight a guy with a wrestling background.  His take down defense was sketchy at best, and he wasn’t sure if wanted to take a second fight if the meathead Matt Mitrione couldn’t fight in his semi-final fight.  Kimbo’s knee had been bothering him and he was worried about damaging it any further.  The doctors checked him out and it turned out to only be arthritis.  Remember, he is no spring chicken.

The biggest element of this fight?  I think it is going to be conditioning.  Neither one of these fighters have gone deep into fights.  They can both stand and bang but for how long?  Alexander might try and take Kimbo down with his wrestling.  But Kimbo is a taller fighter and his take down defense has improved slightly.

My advice for Kimbo would be to attack that watermelon of a head Alexander has and don’t stop punching until it breaks. Advice for Alexander?  Kicks and lots of them.

My prediction for the fight?  This is a tough one to call I think.  I don’t think it will go the full 15 minutes.  I could probably bet money on that one.  I am saying Houston Alexander wins.  His Muay Thai is going to cause problems for Kimbo.  Alexander needs to attack that knee with kicks and then take him to the ground.  I know everyone wants a slugfest and I think it will be for a bit, but someone is going to give.  This fight will end via submission.  Maybe.

The most intriguing thing about this fight I think is if Kimbo wins, will Dana White finally give this man some respect?


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