Vick Flying back to Atlanta

We all knew this would happen.  Michael Vick would be back in Atlanta at some point in the latest installment of ‘Life after Dog Fighting.’  Come Sunday, Vick will be playing against the last team he threw a pass for before admitting to financing and running an illegal dog fighting ring.  And it only seems fitting that the last team he played against was the Philadelphia Eagles, the team he signed with upon being released.

So fast forward to Sunday.  Will Vick be nervous? I don’t think so.  Vick even said himself last week after the Redskin’s game that Atlanta is still his city.  Even McNabb is on his side here.  He is quoted as saying “I believe he’ll get a standing ovation.”

But look, don’t get your hopes up.  This is not going be a cinderella type story come Monday morning.  He is not going to ride into Atlanta, receive the key to the city (again) and then win the game with a 30 yard run as time expires.  This is not that type of story.  He will be just another number 7 on the sidelines of a football game just like Jeff Garcia was two years ago.  Is this game a big deal?  Of course it is.  But to who, the Eagles or Mike Vick?  We all know the answer to that one.



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2 responses to “Vick Flying back to Atlanta

  1. word.

    The bigger story here is Djax’s concussion – maybe it knocked some literacy in him.

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