It’s that sensation

There are many days I wake up and I want to write. I really do. And I will sit at my desk and try to write. But nothing comes to mind. I find it very odd to be constantly inspired to write without any apparent inspiration. I am in the fourth day in a row of closing at work. All this means is that I have four mornings in a row to sit at my computer inspired to write with nothing to write about. The rain and chill outside lend no helping hand in filling these pages either.

That is not what concerns me though. I am always inspired to write. My problem is actually writing anything. I always said I would never write anything emotional or anything about my personal life on here. And I think I am going to stay with that one. I am not pretentious enough to think you actually want to here about my rejections, life struggles or plain old dribble. So I have to decided to take a stand. On what? Not sure yet. But I will take one. And I think the first one will be to for once, stop writing. Well right now anyways, for this one entry.

Hmm, that wasn’t so bad.

KC Out


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