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It’s that sensation

There are many days I wake up and I want to write. I really do. And I will sit at my desk and try to write. But nothing comes to mind. I find it very odd to be constantly inspired to write without any apparent inspiration. I am in the fourth day in a row of closing at work. All this means is that I have four mornings in a row to sit at my computer inspired to write with nothing to write about. The rain and chill outside lend no helping hand in filling these pages either.

That is not what concerns me though. I am always inspired to write. My problem is actually writing anything. I always said I would never write anything emotional or anything about my personal life on here. And I think I am going to stay with that one. I am not pretentious enough to think you actually want to here about my rejections, life struggles or plain old dribble. So I have to decided to take a stand. On what? Not sure yet. But I will take one. And I think the first one will be to for once, stop writing. Well right now anyways, for this one entry.

Hmm, that wasn’t so bad.

KC Out


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It has been so long…

Wow, I can’t believe how long it has been since I have written anything. It is not that I haven’t had anything to say. There are half a dozen napkins and scratch pads lying around the house with scribblings on them. One of these days I will put them all on this computer machine. A brief overview of things that have been going on…..

Summer ended – It is bitter sweet. Summer was amazing but fall weather gives way to warm chilli and brisk afternoons.
Tim and Kelsey’s Wedding – An amazing event to two amazing people. Friends and family got together in Sandbridge to experience this occasion. I got to see some old friends and this so called wolfpack just got a lot bigger. And possibly unstoppable. Making new friends adds years to your life I think.

The fall has begun and things are getting busy. Phillies won a brilliant game last night They are are off to LA to take on the Dodgers. Maybe one of the best things about the fall are lazy mornings. My little monster Cole knows exactly how to spend them. We can all take notes on how to play it cool.

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