Could you take a punch?

Could you? Do you even want to find out? Was Tyler Durden right, can you not know anything about yourself if you have never been in a fight? Maybe. And what if you find out you can’t take a punch and you cry instantly when you get punched. That can not be good for the ego.

Well I have taken a punch. It was a punch I didn’t deserve. It was also a punch from a girl. And it wasn’t the last. Did I cry? No. I was mad that is for sure. I ended up with a black eye from one and a busted lip from the other. Yeah I was able to take it, but then again it was from a girl. So I am still curious. Now don’t worry mom, I am not going to pull a Sam Sheridan and travel across the globe and sample every form of fighting. A great story, but not for me. Not now anyways.

So today I venturing into the world of Muay Thai. It is just a beginner class and I am fairly sure I won’t be getting hit. But when it comes to fighting, my opinion is taking the punch is the easy part. Maybe because I am a nice guy but I think the hard part is actually hitting back. I would never want to purposely hurt anyone. But I am sure it will happen. This is just a trial run, I may not like it, or be able to afford it. We shall see…..

KC Out


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