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Moving somewhere…

I don’t know how they happen. They just do. Throughout history there have been many bad events. Horrific events. Events that shattered lives and have us picking up pieces for years to come. Where did they begin? Can you remember? Can you remember that one exact moment that set it all it a tumble? Odds are you can’t. None of us can. The cause to most of these events were set in place long before we were even a thought. This all translate into our everyday life. Think about the places you been, the people you love and the memories you have made. All things can not continue. They say, all good things must come to an end. While, I don’t believe this to be entirely true, some good things do come to an end. Sometimes I find it difficult to pinpoint exactly where it went wrong. Which is why I think you shouldn’t focus on the bad things. Look at all the good times. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. And at this point, I am sure I am the small stuff to a handful of people. And that’s ok, I am ok with that. Just don’t let it eat at you for to long.

An unusual, semi-personal, emotional rambling. I promised to never do it. Typical.

KC Out


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Could you take a punch?

Could you? Do you even want to find out? Was Tyler Durden right, can you not know anything about yourself if you have never been in a fight? Maybe. And what if you find out you can’t take a punch and you cry instantly when you get punched. That can not be good for the ego.

Well I have taken a punch. It was a punch I didn’t deserve. It was also a punch from a girl. And it wasn’t the last. Did I cry? No. I was mad that is for sure. I ended up with a black eye from one and a busted lip from the other. Yeah I was able to take it, but then again it was from a girl. So I am still curious. Now don’t worry mom, I am not going to pull a Sam Sheridan and travel across the globe and sample every form of fighting. A great story, but not for me. Not now anyways.

So today I venturing into the world of Muay Thai. It is just a beginner class and I am fairly sure I won’t be getting hit. But when it comes to fighting, my opinion is taking the punch is the easy part. Maybe because I am a nice guy but I think the hard part is actually hitting back. I would never want to purposely hurt anyone. But I am sure it will happen. This is just a trial run, I may not like it, or be able to afford it. We shall see…..

KC Out

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