Fat Tuesday

Mardi Gras is upon us once again. There will be no shortage of bead throwing and beer guzzling no matter where you look tonight. But just in case you don’t know where to find the party, you should check these places out.

Luna Sea on 22nd St at the Ocean Front in Virginia Beach is having food and drink specials all night with Local favorite Jesse Chong playing live music all night long. And if it’s a nice night, go chill out in their huge sand pit in the back. Dress to impress and see who can take home the most beads.

If you are not on this side of the water, and Norfolk is the usual stomping ground head over to Ibiza for their Mardi Gras ‘Carnival’ kicking off at 10 pm with DJ Silver. Bring your beads, masks and samba (whatever the ef that is). Ibiza is located at 328 West 20th St in Norfolk.

Some other Fat Tuesday Festivities-

-Peabody’s annual Masquerade Ball at 21st St at the Ocean Front. The sickest happy hour out there. 7-9 go check it out!
-DJ Joe Fu will be at Avanti for their Secret Society Party. Buy one Tapas, get one free. Avanti is at Hilltop North on Laskin Road in Virginia Beach.
-Don’t forget about Fahrenheit’s beer pong each and every Tuesday hosted by DJ Bushka. So head out to Granby and sink that last cup, be the hero!
-Keegan’s Sports Pub will be having their incredible hour from 4-7 just like they do each and every night of the week. Also, take 2 bucks off any appetizer!

Whatever you do on this lovely Fat Tuesday, remember be responsible, don’t drink and drive.


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