Oh its on….

It is the day before the NFC Championship game. I can’t wait to see the Giants play the Panthers. Wait what? Nah you are kidding me. The Eagles @ the Cardinals? Interesting. I knew it. I saw it coming. Well not the Cardinals. But I always knew the Eagles had the potential to get there. I even called it when the Phillies were in the playoffs. This might be Philly’s year for sports. The Soul won the Arena league, the Phils won, and now the Eagles are one game away from the Super Bowl. You fans over at Fed Ex field didn’t believe me. My brother and I held our signs high! Signs that said ‘Fly Eagles Fly’ and ‘Our Year.’ Did you cheer with us? No. But you did throw your leftover pretzels and nachos at us. Nice touch. A very classy move.
And through all those fingers and f-you’s I just smiled. I knew what was in store. The Skins would go back to their lives, watching the playoffs on tv and wearing dresses for the reporters.

So Fly Eagles Fly. See you in Tampa!

KC Out


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