NFL Blackouts

I have been reading a lot about how the NFL is threatening to blackout certain regional games this weekend. The NFL already granted two 24 extensions for the Arizona Cardinals to sell all their tickets. Seriously? The NFL is going to punish these areas if they can’t afford 100 dollar tickets to go to a playoff game? I think this is absolutely ridiculous. It seems the NFL is calling out the fans and telling them to step it up. Luckily for the Phoenix area the game finally sold out yesterday. But not the Vikes are in the situation. There are still a little over 3,000 tickets left to be sold or the game will not be shown in the Minnesota area.

Another area of argument for theses fans is that none of the home teams playing this weekend are favored. So why would the fans want to spend the money to see their teams go one and done. I know if the game was in Philly, they would not be having this problem. Hell, they could play the game in Dallas, and Cowboys fans would sell out the game to hopefully see the Eagles lose. Just ask Sally. I can see her sitting on her couch with an Eagles voodoo doll, ha. Boo the NFL this weekend, but go football!!

And go Birds!

KC Out


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