Unlikely Headlines

I could see the headlines in my head. The Philly papers would have McNabb’s head on a platter. And Andy Reid would be picture with a fork and knife. Both guys would have been forced down 295 and out of Philly for good. But something happened yesterday at Lincoln Financial Field. The Birds actually showed up. All the stars aligned for them as well. The Bucs lost to the Raiders. The same Raiders who fired their coach and released their 70 million dollar cornerback. That’s one down. Then the Bears lost to the Texans. After the dust settled, the 4:15 game between the Birds and Boys was a ‘Win and your in’ game for both teams. Should be some fire right? Maybe a little passion? Oh there was. Just not from anybody in a Cowboy uniform. Even Jason Witten started whining on the sideline. And you know when that happens, it’s all down hill from there.

Long story short. Eagles win, will play at Minnesota next Sunday. I must say, I like their chances.

KC Out


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One response to “Unlikely Headlines

  1. Sally

    There may not have been passion on the field but I can honestly say there was passion from the fans… well… anger maybe…but it was passionate anger

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