Working on that novel Brian?

Ok I finally did it. I started writing. Seriously this time. I am writing a book. Well, I have started to write a book. I will not, however, say it is a good book or a good start i guess I should call it. It is a start though. It is without a title at the moment and there is a very good chance the entire beginning will change tomorrow.
But here are the very first 375 words of the very first book I have ever written.

KC Out

-In the Beginning-

It was never about a girl. Well, not at first anyways. Or at least I don’t think it was.

Back then we didn’t even know what girls were. And we didn’t care. We had fun. We got into trouble. We were boys. That’s all we had to be. But then things happen so fast, and you have to grow up. Fast.

Ok I am getting ahead of myself. My name is Alan Ringer. I am a writer by trade and a slacker by profession. I grew up just like any other regular American kid. My Dad was in the Navy, so it was just my mom and I most of the time. She sold Avon products out of the house and I spent my time hanging with my friends.

It was a good neighborhood. It wasn’t the kind of neighborhood where you could leave your doors unlocked at night, and it wasn’t the kind where all the neighbors would wave and say hello as they drove by. Some of them did. Well, maybe it wasn’t that great of a place. But it suited me just fine.

It was these streets that shaped me. It was these streets that made me tough.

It was these streets that brought me back. But it was also because of these streets that I can never go back again.

In the beginning, we were all friends. Me, Nick, Tommy, Sean and Mick. Mick’s real name was Mike but everyone called him Mick because of his fiery red hair. We ran those streets. At least we thought we did. We were only 13. What did we know? It was the summer before I turned 14 when I found out the hard way that we didn’t. It might have been the greatest lesson I have ever learned.

You couldn’t even hear it coming. I didn’t, that’s for sure. I turned around and saw the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. A 1970 Coupe Deville. It was like a boat on wheels, and moved just as smoothly. Behind the wheel was Sam Bellini. We all knew who he was but that was about it.

“Hey kid, need a ride?’ he asked me. I didn’t. But I got in anyways.


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