I would not say I am a desperate person nor do I consider myself very impatient.  I am, however, highly and contagiously curious.  Is anyone reading this?  I am not too concerned with who you are, well maybe a little.  I just want to know that you are ready.  Leave me a comment.  If you want you can just leave a number.  The first person can leave ‘1’, then so on and so on….

I know you can do it!!
Well anyways, here is a little filler.  So I had two visitors today.  Rocko and Scooby.  They are two adopt-ready Pugs.  My roommate wants to adopt one and we wanted to see how Cole, our dog in the house, gets along with another animal.  The three of them had a great time playing and sniffing around the whole house.  So I might have a new addition to the household for a little while.  Cole could use a buddy!  
I hope everyone is doing well!  Tell me a little about yourself.  Also, stay tuned.  I am thinking about launching a website just for my blogs, photos and whatever else I can do.  I have been doing a lot of writing lately.  I just completed two songs and am thinking about starting a movie concept.
Much love!
KC Out


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