My morning cup…

So every once in awhile I wake up with a random rambling. It is usually just myself talking to, well, myself.  That is why I decided to let you guys read it. Usually it is not a subject I care all that much about but do think it is interesting. This is what I will call ‘my morning cup…’ Feel free to comment, disagree or just read it while you are munching on your cornflakes.

My first morning cup…

I don’t understand what is going on in professional sports these days. There are all these so called ‘bad boys’ in every sport. And usually they are these mediocre players with inflated salaries to boost fan attendance. But should the fan really be more inclined to go see these players? I know the cliche saying ‘Man I went to a fight, and a hockey game broke out.’ I get it, there is fighting in hockey. But a guy like Sean Avery isn’t looking for a fight. He is just looking to be a pest. Bashing men’s dating preferences or standing in front of Martin Broduer (sic) and waving his stick in his face. He is not an enforcer, and I know each team has one. That is part of hockey. But Sean Avery is not. Nor is his 6 or 7 million a year contract. Well at least for 6 games he isnt now that he is serving his league suspension. Should the stars keep him?

And Avery isn’t the only one. There is Plaxico doing his best Cheddar Bob impression and shooting himself in the leg. Only difference is, Plaxico’s friend Antonio Pierce tried to cover it up. Whereas, Cheddar Bob’s homeboy, oh yes you know him as Eminem, Rabbit stood up for him. Sorry for the bad movie reference. Is it safe to say that some athletes are over paid morons? One taste of the paper and they all go mad. These are not the only guys doing this. You have Iverson skipping practice, Ron Artest punching players and fans, and Dennis Rodman wearing wedding dresses.

I remember when the media went crazy when Brandy WhatsHerFace tore off her jersey and revealed, to everyone’s surprise, her sports bra. What else would be under there? Can we just go back to the days of women exposing their under garments after a big win? I might be ok with that.
Hope you had your fill.

KC Out


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