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Unlikely Headlines

I could see the headlines in my head. The Philly papers would have McNabb’s head on a platter. And Andy Reid would be picture with a fork and knife. Both guys would have been forced down 295 and out of Philly for good. But something happened yesterday at Lincoln Financial Field. The Birds actually showed up. All the stars aligned for them as well. The Bucs lost to the Raiders. The same Raiders who fired their coach and released their 70 million dollar cornerback. That’s one down. Then the Bears lost to the Texans. After the dust settled, the 4:15 game between the Birds and Boys was a ‘Win and your in’ game for both teams. Should be some fire right? Maybe a little passion? Oh there was. Just not from anybody in a Cowboy uniform. Even Jason Witten started whining on the sideline. And you know when that happens, it’s all down hill from there.

Long story short. Eagles win, will play at Minnesota next Sunday. I must say, I like their chances.

KC Out


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Tuesday Morning Cup

I remember growing up and people always saying that when you get older time really flies. I never understood what that meant. I am starting to see what they were talking about. It will be Christmas in two days. Pretty amazing. Now I am not complaining here that I do not have time to do anything because time flies so much, I am just saying, now, I realize what they meant.

By no means, is life guaranteed. Just live it. Or at least want to live it. Make plans, make friends, stay up late when you still have to work early in the morning. You can do these things. I remember when I first bought Rock Band for the Xbox. I stayed up all night both Friday and Saturday night playing with friends and I had to work that weekend. It was a great time. And a great game! I know we are all busy these days and especially this time of year. But don’t slack on being alive.

Just live. And live well.

KC Out

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Big D loses in finale at Dallas Stadium?

Oh man, is it true? Have the Cowboys let yet another season unravel? Are they are risk to not make the playoffs?

Yes, yes and YES! It is amazing how some teams go limp like grandpas on island cruises. I don’t even know what to say right now. The Eagles are guiding their own ship right now. If they win in DC today, a game I will be attending, they will be that much closer to getting in. Man, I love December.

And Sally, oh my dear Sally, do not frown because the ‘Boys let you down again. Come hang with the Eagles, and we will fly you higher than you have ever seen! Wow that was creepy. Good day all, see you at the game!!

KC Out

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Working on that novel Brian?

Ok I finally did it. I started writing. Seriously this time. I am writing a book. Well, I have started to write a book. I will not, however, say it is a good book or a good start i guess I should call it. It is a start though. It is without a title at the moment and there is a very good chance the entire beginning will change tomorrow.
But here are the very first 375 words of the very first book I have ever written.

KC Out

-In the Beginning-

It was never about a girl. Well, not at first anyways. Or at least I don’t think it was.

Back then we didn’t even know what girls were. And we didn’t care. We had fun. We got into trouble. We were boys. That’s all we had to be. But then things happen so fast, and you have to grow up. Fast.

Ok I am getting ahead of myself. My name is Alan Ringer. I am a writer by trade and a slacker by profession. I grew up just like any other regular American kid. My Dad was in the Navy, so it was just my mom and I most of the time. She sold Avon products out of the house and I spent my time hanging with my friends.

It was a good neighborhood. It wasn’t the kind of neighborhood where you could leave your doors unlocked at night, and it wasn’t the kind where all the neighbors would wave and say hello as they drove by. Some of them did. Well, maybe it wasn’t that great of a place. But it suited me just fine.

It was these streets that shaped me. It was these streets that made me tough.

It was these streets that brought me back. But it was also because of these streets that I can never go back again.

In the beginning, we were all friends. Me, Nick, Tommy, Sean and Mick. Mick’s real name was Mike but everyone called him Mick because of his fiery red hair. We ran those streets. At least we thought we did. We were only 13. What did we know? It was the summer before I turned 14 when I found out the hard way that we didn’t. It might have been the greatest lesson I have ever learned.

You couldn’t even hear it coming. I didn’t, that’s for sure. I turned around and saw the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. A 1970 Coupe Deville. It was like a boat on wheels, and moved just as smoothly. Behind the wheel was Sam Bellini. We all knew who he was but that was about it.

“Hey kid, need a ride?’ he asked me. I didn’t. But I got in anyways.

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I would not say I am a desperate person nor do I consider myself very impatient.  I am, however, highly and contagiously curious.  Is anyone reading this?  I am not too concerned with who you are, well maybe a little.  I just want to know that you are ready.  Leave me a comment.  If you want you can just leave a number.  The first person can leave ‘1’, then so on and so on….

I know you can do it!!
Well anyways, here is a little filler.  So I had two visitors today.  Rocko and Scooby.  They are two adopt-ready Pugs.  My roommate wants to adopt one and we wanted to see how Cole, our dog in the house, gets along with another animal.  The three of them had a great time playing and sniffing around the whole house.  So I might have a new addition to the household for a little while.  Cole could use a buddy!  
I hope everyone is doing well!  Tell me a little about yourself.  Also, stay tuned.  I am thinking about launching a website just for my blogs, photos and whatever else I can do.  I have been doing a lot of writing lately.  I just completed two songs and am thinking about starting a movie concept.
Much love!
KC Out


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Sunday Morning Cup

So I know ’tis the season to be joyous and cheerful and merry. I know this. But ’tis the season to be sweating outside? No no thats not how it works. It is supposed to be jackets and scarf weather right. How does Mother Nature expect me to get into the holiday spirit when I am still wearing board shorts to go check the mail?

Believe me, I am not really complaining. I love the warm weather. I love being on the beach playing cornhole and drinking a few cold ones. I even like playing tennis ball baseball in my back yard and drinking a few cold ones. Actually, I think a few cold ones are involved in all of my warm weather activities. Whoa, that’s another morning cup for you.

Bring the cold, bring the football, and bring the Holidays!
I hope everyone is surrounded by friends, family and love this holiday season.

KC Out

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My morning cup…

So every once in awhile I wake up with a random rambling. It is usually just myself talking to, well, myself.  That is why I decided to let you guys read it. Usually it is not a subject I care all that much about but do think it is interesting. This is what I will call ‘my morning cup…’ Feel free to comment, disagree or just read it while you are munching on your cornflakes.

My first morning cup…

I don’t understand what is going on in professional sports these days. There are all these so called ‘bad boys’ in every sport. And usually they are these mediocre players with inflated salaries to boost fan attendance. But should the fan really be more inclined to go see these players? I know the cliche saying ‘Man I went to a fight, and a hockey game broke out.’ I get it, there is fighting in hockey. But a guy like Sean Avery isn’t looking for a fight. He is just looking to be a pest. Bashing men’s dating preferences or standing in front of Martin Broduer (sic) and waving his stick in his face. He is not an enforcer, and I know each team has one. That is part of hockey. But Sean Avery is not. Nor is his 6 or 7 million a year contract. Well at least for 6 games he isnt now that he is serving his league suspension. Should the stars keep him?

And Avery isn’t the only one. There is Plaxico doing his best Cheddar Bob impression and shooting himself in the leg. Only difference is, Plaxico’s friend Antonio Pierce tried to cover it up. Whereas, Cheddar Bob’s homeboy, oh yes you know him as Eminem, Rabbit stood up for him. Sorry for the bad movie reference. Is it safe to say that some athletes are over paid morons? One taste of the paper and they all go mad. These are not the only guys doing this. You have Iverson skipping practice, Ron Artest punching players and fans, and Dennis Rodman wearing wedding dresses.

I remember when the media went crazy when Brandy WhatsHerFace tore off her jersey and revealed, to everyone’s surprise, her sports bra. What else would be under there? Can we just go back to the days of women exposing their under garments after a big win? I might be ok with that.
Hope you had your fill.

KC Out

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