Just one of those days…

And I know what you’re thinking.   This is not a bad one.  I am sure everyone has heard those sayings like ‘oh I am just having one of those days’ or ‘someone has the case of the Mondays.’  Yeah I want to punch that guy in the face.  Not just for being dumb but for saying this to me on a Thursday.  Sorry off track.  It is just one of those days today, but in a semi-good, semi-refreshing way.  I woke up and got some phone calls from some demanding people (thats all you need to know about them).  But this morning they were quite pleasant and we got along very well so that was a good thing.   Then I walked down stairs to my clean kitchen which took me all day yesterday to do.   And you have to admit, having a clean house can always raise moral.

I have had breakfast, my morning cup or 7 of coffee.  And its only 10 am.  A good start.  Oh did I mention I am on vacation until Monday as well?   Well, I am.  I hope to use this time to catch up on some writing.  I know this is writing, but I am looking to tackle some bigger issues I think.  I am definitely not pretentious enough to sit here and think you the reader wants to read about what I do everyday.  So if there is something you would be interested in reading about please let me know and I will do my best to cover it.
Keep reading, keep enjoying.
When I sat down to write this blog, it didn’t really have much of a beginning and it seems now not much of a end either.  Oh well!
KC Out

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