Potential Bosses want to read about…

So the time in my life has come once again.  You know, that time where you think you are bored with the job you have and want to jump start a brand new career making ridiculously more than you did in your previous job.  I know; sounds crazy.  That’s not the story here.  The story here is what job hunting sites like Jobarchitect.com (obviously not the real name, but I think you can figure it out) are asking from you in your profiles.   Sure, they ask for all the normals things; name, address, phone numbers, college education and years of experience.  What I found interesting was they asked for the url’s of any social networking websites I was affiliated with, ie. Blogs, Myspace.

The interesting thing here is that I have heard a lot of statistics coming from colleges review boards saying that some of them look at your myspace and look at your facebook profiles and they can have negative outcomes on your college application.  So how do avoid this?  Do we really have to maintain a professional demeanor at all times?  Is Big Brother always watching us?  And the answer could be yes or no for both of those questions.  And depending on what job you currently have, than Big Brother is definitely watching. 
As I tend to do in a lot of my entries, I have done so once again.  I got off topic.  This was not supposed to be a negative entry against the man or corporate american.  My goal of this was to let you know that your social websites could be beneficial to a future career.  Although, this does mean that pictures from last year’s Wet T-shirt contest or the picture of you holding the trophy for longest keg stand should probably stay off your profile.
I am not trying to preach, only because I just figured this out.  All these websites are free to us.  We can use them to reconnect with friends, post our blogs, or leave bumper stickers on other people’s profiles.  Why not use them to better ourselves?  Why not use them to show off how qualified you are for a position.  You need to use this sites to your advantage.
So did I include my blog on my career profile?  I sure did!!  
And I understand tomorrow is not promised, have fun today.  I get it, but we still need to prepare for tomorrow because it is a gift that we even have a say as to what tomorrow might bring.
KC Out

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