Ok first week…

Well the first week is over and it was not as bad as I thought it would be.  I did my exercising, ate a lot of chicken and rice and drank tons of water.  It helps that I work inside a recreation center.  Seeing fit people and people trying to get fit is definitely motivation.  

The hardest part is making sure you make time to exercise.  Because you know the food part will always be there.  I mean, does it look like I have ever skipped a meal?  Anyways, the key is to find times in your day to do something.  That can be running before or after work, or it can be something as easy as doing push-ups while watching Gossip Girl or Sportcenter.  Or while watching the Phillies make it into the World Series (an entirely different story altogether, go Phils).
So I am feeling energized, I am feeling better.  This healthy lifestyle is working for me, if not growing on me!  So if anyone is doing the same thing with me, keep on keeping on!!
KC Out

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