Kimbo Slice

I was very excited about the CBS televised Elite XC fight between Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock.  However, I forgot about it while watching the Phillies Game 3 Saturday night.  Well luckily for me I could not sleep because of the loss and while channel surfing I came across the fights.  After the first two fights they starting talking about Slice.  It turned out that Shamrock pulled out of the fight due to a cut above his eye.  Most likely caused during training.  Shamrock has always been an intense fighter and that goes back to how hard he trains, so it is no surprise this happened.  

But what is surprising is Slice’s new opponent entered the arena to prepare for his fight, which originally was scheduled for the under card.  This was a fight not even to air on CBS.  Well, they asked if wanted to fight the main event.  They asked if he wanted to fight Kimbo Slice, the legendary back yard brawler and You Tube icon.  You would not be wrong to think this kid said ‘hell no’ and took his regularly scheduled fight.  But this kid, Seth Pertruski or something like that, knew the importance of this fight.  So he took it.   And in about 25 seconds, Seth gave Kimbo Slice a cut above his eye, similar to the one Ken Shamrock suffered I am sure, and knocked him out.  The ref stopped the fight and in the ring was this dyed pink haired kid who just knocked out Kimbo Slice.  Fate?  Luck?  Does it matter?  I don’t think so.  Kimbo still draws huge crowds and a huge rating.  He will be fine.  However, old Seth P might never again live up to the hype he has caused by knocking out the back yard legend.
KC Out

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