Mixed Emotions

I sit here in the middle of a tough Sunday night loss to the Bears and Game One of the NLDS series against the Brew Crew torn between a mixture of dismay and excitement.  The game Sunday night left a nasty taste in my mouth when the Eagles ran the ball three consecutive times from inside the 5 yard line with a back up RB only to be stuffed each time.  Didn’t Andy Reid learn anything for Week 2 and the Jets.  When you have an accurate and consistent quarterback, not to mention one that run well, why not try a play action roll out to a TE or just take it in?  OK, that was 2 days ago, I think I am finally over it.

Tomorrow night will be the next big attempt for the Phillies to win a postseason game since Game 5 of the ’93 World Series.  Because we all know, well most of us, what happened the next game.  Joe Carter, Mitch Williams, need I say more.  And I am sure we all remember last year’s improbable sweep handed down by the Rockies.  Well, this season we are the Rockies.  In a sense finishing off the season on a high note and winning the division on the second to last day as opposed to last year waiting until the last minute.  Thanks guys, I am not sure my Uncle Mortey’s heart medicine would have done any good after another one.
So Game 1 tomorrow afternoon.  Hamels on the mound.  Should be exciting!!
KC Out

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