Let the countdown begin…

It is literally down to the wire again this season.  The Phillies sure do know how to test your stress limits.  With the win last night,  the Phils moved a half game of the Mets who seem to find a way every year to throw it away at the very end.

As involved and amazed by the late season surge of the Phillies, I still wonder why do I get so into it?  I am a huge fan.  I would not go as far as calling myself a die-hard fan.  If they lose, my whole night is not over.  I am bummed, yes, but I don’t shut off the rest of the world.  I have read stories about husband and wife duos that are split down the middle between Red Sox Nation and the Yankee Faithful.  Game nights are like the front lines.  And don’t even think about sleeping in the same bed.  Has it really come to this in sports?   I completely understand about being faithful to a team.  But to turn into a 3 year old not getting his action figure Christmas morning is completely absurd.
Cheer for your team, wear your favorite jersey, or, hell, even paint your TV room your favorite team colors.  But do not, I repeat do not shut down if your team loses.  I guarantee you that they won’t.
Go Phillies
KC Out

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