Ahh Mondays

OK, so the weekend was not as stressful as I imagined.  It was essentially a snow day for me, with all my plans being rained out by Tropical Storm Hannah.   But  luckily enough, my cable did not go out and I was able to see 2 out the 3 Phillies games and a great season opener to the Eagles.  That wrapped around a little domestic violence the weekend was good.

And by domestic violence I mean an argument.  Don’t go calling the Police now.
Was this weekend as stressful as I first imagined?  No, not at all.  I did a lot of 12 ounce curls and enjoyed myself immensely.  The Phils have 19 games to go,  the Eagles 15 and I will be pulling my hair out through each one of them.  Why is it that this self-induced madness we put ourselves through never get old.  Because we are men?  Or because we are incapable of putting this much emotion and effort into something like a relationship?  I don’t know, and sadly I don’t care.  Go sports.
KC Out

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