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Mixed Emotions

I sit here in the middle of a tough Sunday night loss to the Bears and Game One of the NLDS series against the Brew Crew torn between a mixture of dismay and excitement.  The game Sunday night left a nasty taste in my mouth when the Eagles ran the ball three consecutive times from inside the 5 yard line with a back up RB only to be stuffed each time.  Didn’t Andy Reid learn anything for Week 2 and the Jets.  When you have an accurate and consistent quarterback, not to mention one that run well, why not try a play action roll out to a TE or just take it in?  OK, that was 2 days ago, I think I am finally over it.

Tomorrow night will be the next big attempt for the Phillies to win a postseason game since Game 5 of the ’93 World Series.  Because we all know, well most of us, what happened the next game.  Joe Carter, Mitch Williams, need I say more.  And I am sure we all remember last year’s improbable sweep handed down by the Rockies.  Well, this season we are the Rockies.  In a sense finishing off the season on a high note and winning the division on the second to last day as opposed to last year waiting until the last minute.  Thanks guys, I am not sure my Uncle Mortey’s heart medicine would have done any good after another one.
So Game 1 tomorrow afternoon.  Hamels on the mound.  Should be exciting!!
KC Out

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The Magic Number

I think the song goes….

“One, is the loneliest number…”
But today one is the magic number for my Phightin Phillies.  Once again they hold their own destiny in their hands.  And the best part about it is, Fox wants the whole nation to see it on national television.  That’s right, the game is moved up from its original start time of 7:05.  The Phillies v The Nats will be on Fox at 3:55 Eastern time.
And with the Mets losing last night all the Phillies have to do is win today.  A win today means they can rest Cole “Minor” Hamels tomorrow and have him ready for game one of the NLDS.  I know this pitching staff has not been the strongest, but I do have faith that they can get 3 wins out of that series.  This is the year.  Philly sports are back!!!
With the win last night, the Phillies have 90 wins, something they haven’t done since 1993.  And coincidentally that is the same year they went to the World Series.  Lucky for them, there is no more Joe Carter and Brad Lidge is nothing like Wild Thing Mitch Williams.  Actually, Lidge may be the complete opposite of Williams.  Bullpens win ball games!
KC Out

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Under the weather, over the hype…

As I was laying on the couch with a bag of frozen peas on my forehead, due to the 100+ degree I had been carrying for the second day, I was unconsciously forced to view the television show line  my gf had picked out for the second night in a row.  And once again, I was far too weak to even get up and leave the room.  Dosing in and out of sleep consciousness I watched, or glanced at, the shows  that depict the pre-adult lives of teenage america.  The amount of shows I watched is still unsure but what I am sure about is that they all seemed far too similar.  There was Gossip Girl, 90210, The Hills, and One Tree Hill.  You could take all the characters from these shows put them all together, and it would the same plot line through out. 

I don’t get how so many shows resemble their counterparts.  On even worse, I don’t see how television watching America watches each one of these shows.  I would feel like I was watching reruns each night.  
And for the life of me, I am trying to remember these similar situations from when I was in high school.  The only problem is, I can’t.  Because those kind of things did not happen when I was in school.  These are made up scenarios to make high school look a lot more enjoyable than it really is.  Also, I don’t think the fact that I didn’t go to private school is the reason why I missed out on all these things.
Can we please get some variety in our shows.  I mean they just brought back Knight Rider or whatever its called.  Does anyone see a Hoff sighting?  If television and radio developed the minds of the children of my generation, I am afraid of what this doing to the children of today.
KC Out

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There is only one October, I think…

I was watching Good Will Hunting on TNT for probably the hundredth time this morning when  a commercial for the MLB playoffs came on.  The comedian Frank from FrankTV was the main actor and he was doing an impression of George W. Bush.  At the end of the set he said ‘There is only one October, I think there is one October.’  MLB and Fox have used this ‘There is only one October’ line to signify the importance of the playoffs and how hard a team has to work to get there.

But what does W or his stupidy have do with any of it.  Or Frank for that matter.  Look , I have to read enough about what Bush does wrong in the papers.  And you know the E! channel covers all of his verbal miscues.  So just leave ole Georgie and politics out of baseball and out of sports.  Oh and another thing, can someone please call Mr. Fox or Mrs. CBS and ask them to stop showing Jessica Simpson during football highlights.  Unless she is wearing a bikini and getting tackled by Donovan McNabb’s mom while serving Chunky Soup I don’t want to see it.  She is not to blame for Tony Romo’s bad playing.  That’s because he is a mediocre football player from some school in Illinois and the only reason he throws for more than 200 hundred yards a game is because of T.O.
Ok, sorry.  I got a little carried away there.  Just leave sports the way it is.  We need to bring back those fat and happy Eagles and Bears fans chugging beers and stuffing hot dogs and cheese steaks down their throats sitting in ten below.  That’s football.  
Go Birds
KC Out

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Let the countdown begin…

It is literally down to the wire again this season.  The Phillies sure do know how to test your stress limits.  With the win last night,  the Phils moved a half game of the Mets who seem to find a way every year to throw it away at the very end.

As involved and amazed by the late season surge of the Phillies, I still wonder why do I get so into it?  I am a huge fan.  I would not go as far as calling myself a die-hard fan.  If they lose, my whole night is not over.  I am bummed, yes, but I don’t shut off the rest of the world.  I have read stories about husband and wife duos that are split down the middle between Red Sox Nation and the Yankee Faithful.  Game nights are like the front lines.  And don’t even think about sleeping in the same bed.  Has it really come to this in sports?   I completely understand about being faithful to a team.  But to turn into a 3 year old not getting his action figure Christmas morning is completely absurd.
Cheer for your team, wear your favorite jersey, or, hell, even paint your TV room your favorite team colors.  But do not, I repeat do not shut down if your team loses.  I guarantee you that they won’t.
Go Phillies
KC Out

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Reality? Television

I found myself surfing through all the digital cable channels that I obviously don’t need but continue to pay for.  I still do not understand why.  Anyways, I came across a ‘reality’ show that takes place in and around a tanning saloon.  I will not argue that, yes, some of the girls on this show are attractive.   However, the plot or story line is not.  This type of show is labeled as Reality TV.  But I ask you this;  whose reality is this?  I know for a fact it is not mine.  If you take a look at all the reality shows on TV these days, how many people can actually relate to this stuff.  The Hills, Real World,  or Keeping up with……the family of the girl that released the sex tape.  Those are just a couple that are getting air play and attracting millions of viewers each week.

Are they called reality TV because their viewers are trying to escape their own reality?  I can definitely not relate to a couple girls working for a fashion magazine and making 50 thousand an episode.  But I can, however, relate to their constant bickering and petty fighting.  I did, surprise surprise, go to high school.  The only problem with this they are not in high school anymore.   This show is supposed to portray these girls in the ‘real world.’  But how real can staged encounters and cut up dialogue really be called real?
The Real World is another prime example of this.  You will never find six different people to live in one place together.   The only way is by advertising on MTV for a chance to be on TV, fight with complete strangers, and let out the most embarrassing aspects of your personalities,  which should have been left in your closet along with your Redskin pajamas and Build-a-Bear Buddy.
Now get me wrong, I completely commend MTV for coming up with this ideas.  They are totally feeding on societies unforgiving need of that 15 seconds in the spot light.  I don’t blame them for this.  Exploit it as long as you wish.  Just do not call it Reality TV.  True Life has more credibility to be called Reality TV.
Oh and bring back the music videos.  And when you do, please oh please do not let Pete Wentz have anything to do with it.  Stick to playing bass and singing back up.
KC Out

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The outfit makes the man…

For as long as I can remember I have been told, amongst other things, one of two things.  You are what you eat and the outfit makes the man.  If I sit long enough to think about it, I can consider the first statement is true.  If your diet consists of entirely fatty foods and lots of protein, the odds are you will grow large and in charge.  As your calorie intake and weight goes up so will your blood pressure.

But my main question is, does the outfit make the man?  Or woman?  Does Hilary’s dress suit really make her look more important?  Important enough to be taken seriously?  Obviously not, seeing she did not get the nod from the Democrats or whoever she is representing these days.    I really don’t have an answer to this one honestly.  I guess if a girl is looking for a nice dressed man that looks professional, I guess the outfit would fit the man.  But who is to say that when you take this man home and put him in comfy clothes to watch TV, he doesn’t turn in to this crazed control freak.  And the very thing that turned you on, his pleated slacks and Armani jacket, is the same thing that makes him pull his hair out every morning as he spends hours ironing.  
The outfit does not make the man.  It merely attracts you to the man at first.  So what does make the man?  A good woman?  A good job?  That I do not know.  A man is a man.  We are all flawed.  We have been taught at a very young age to not judge a book by its cover.  So when you see that Armani jacket strolling your way, don’t get too excited.  Because remember, he can’t wear that suit all the time.
KC Out…

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